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US Syria effort hinges on unreliable Egypt

The Donald Trump administration has reportedly asked Egypt to contribute troops to the fight in Syria even as President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has proven a challenging ally in battling the Islamic State at home. (4/20/2018)

Pentagon acknowledges US contractor presence in Syria for first time

The US military revealed in a new report that some 5,500 contractors are helping fight the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. (4/13/2018)

US seeks to double AK-47 supply to Syrian partners

The Pentagon wants more firepower to help the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces secure territory seized from the Islamic State. (2/16/2018)

The Christian Science Monitor

The hackers trying to build a hack-proof operating system

A team of Canadian security researchers is set to unveil a computer operating system called Subgraph designed to protect its users from the most common types of digital attacks. (3/27/2017)

Hackers in training

In DARPA's Grand Challenge in 2015, semi-autonomous machines pushed the state of the art for humanoid robots. (3/8/2016)

Islamic State adds smartphone app to its communications arsenal

An independent group monitoring the Islamic State online says it discovered the militant group is distributing its own mobile app, signaling a shift in how the jihadists communicate. (12/3/2015)

Defense One

Will DARPA’s Disaster Robots Ever Go to War? Never Say Never

In DARPA's Grand Challenge in 2015, semi-autonomous machines pushed the state of the art for humanoid robots. (6/8/2015)

The Diplomat

'The Look of Silence' Digs Into Indonesia’s Massacres

Director Joshua Oppenheimer’s follow up to 2012’s “The Act of Killing” takes a more intimate look at the Indonesian massacres of the 1960s. (5/2/2015)

Can Shinzo Abe Inspire Silicon Valley's Dynamism in Japan?

In a speech at Stanford University today, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe lauded California’s culture of innovation. Can he bring that spirit back to Japan? (5/1/2015)

Bangladesh: Asia's New Energy Superpower?

After a favorable UN settlement in June, Bangladesh stumbled upon a wealth of energy. Will investors buy in? (11/14/2014)

As the Bazaar Goes, So Goes Iran

Will the election of Hassan Rouhani revive Iran’s struggling mercantile community? (7/11/2013) 


East Bay Water District Eyes Emergency Supply From Sacramento River

With the reality that rainfall and the Sierra Nevada snowpack will be far short of normal this year, the East Bay’s largest water district is getting ready to tap an emergency water source that it took decades of legal battles and engineering work to secure. (3/13/2014)

Price Tag for October Shutdown of California National Parks: More Than $22 Million

The 16-day government shutdown last October was a significant economic blow to the Bay Area and communities near other California national parks. But Pinnacles National Park, the newest in the country, actually saw a slight increase in visitors. (3/4/2014)